Family Promise of Green County Stats
As of August 1, 2014 Family Promise of Green County has been in operation for 33 months. During this time we have provided housing services to 46 families, have served a total of 99 individuals of which 60 were children. We have provided 20,008 shelter nights and have provided Support & Case Management services to 31 individuals in our Shelter and Transitional Living Program. Family Promise has an overall graduation rate of 82% with 95% of those sustaining housing. Many in our community are unaware of the seriousness of this problem. Are You?
Family Promise Nation Wide Stats

•   182 Affiliates
•    More than 1,000 community initiatives
•    Approximately 6,000 congregations and 160,000 volunteers 
Once again, it is amazing to see the global impact of Family Promise Affiliates.  Thank you all for the incredible work you do changing the lives of children and their families.

In 2013,Nation Wide 53,924 individuals were served by Affiliates.  The success rate remained high—75% of families moving on to long-term housing.  Despite the ongoing struggles of the current economy–the lack of jobs and the continued challenges in finding affordable homes–the average length of stay was nine weeks. 


Magic is shared with Family Promise Families During Host Week

Magic is shared with Family Promise Families During Host Week


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Grace Lutheran is proud to be part of Family Promise of Green County. Please consider sharing your time, talents and material toward this uplifting ministry. Providing food, a receptive ear, or support with a cash contribution, are all appreciated. Check with the church office if you are interested in becoming part of Grace Lutheran’s Family Promise Committee or if you wish to volunteer or contribute in any way. Area churches host families approximated 3 times a year for one week.  Prior to a hosting week, sign up sheets for food and volunteers will available in the Narthex.

Rick Gleason, Director of Family Promise of Green County, has had previous experience in managing homeless programs in Dane and Rock County. Rick is a great asset to Green County.

Having come from an actual homeless environment some 10 years ago, Rick brings a unique prospective. He understands the challenges of homelessness on both sides.
Please contact Grace Lutheran’s Church office (608-325-9172) if you would like more information.


Learn more about Green County Family Promise by clicking Here