Autumn brings a new rhythm to our days and weeks.  Summer has a more free-wheeling pace.  More summertime daylight and usually agreeable weather sends us outdoors to rest, play or work.  But autumn brings a sense of getting ready for winter and pushing us indoors.  We enjoy the pleasant days when they come as they are less frequent.  Autumn can also bring a more regular routine.  Families with children have settled into the school routine by now.  Things will change, but the schedule parameters will remain pretty constant. 

Grace is also setting new routines with opportunities where you can grow and enhance our ministry.   Education has always been a constant in the church.  Sunday school is in full swing with coordinators Errin and Greta.  If you have a child or grandchild not yet registered, now is the perfect time to get them started.  Confirmation is also underway with our guides Ariel, Donna and Tom. Just as learning does not end with graduation, it does not end with confirmation either.  Christian education is certainly being exposed to Biblical writings and interpretation, but it is also about learning to live in community.  These opportunities allow adults to learn but also find and provide support to one another. 

The men’s group meets on the first Saturday of the month.  It starts at 7:30 am and lasts about an hour.  Phil leads an engaging Bible study and discussion.  This is a great way for men to connect with each other.  Regina will be leading a new Bible study offering.  It will meet once a month on a Thursday evening.  The first gathering will be on Thursday October 10th at 6:30. It is a study built around the P.R.A.Y.  model of discussion. Participants will Read the Bible, Picture the passage, Ponder its meaning and finally Put it into action. This will be a wonderful occasion for our busy and working adults to deepen their understanding and faith – while also being a fantastic example for their children and young people in the church.  Our Wednesday morning Bible study will resume on October 16th at 9:00 am.  We will look at the New Testament book of Hebrews.  The women’s circles’ studies and activities are well underway. There are also activities and events planned for the youth group.  The first will be to try our hand and our aim at disc golf at Twining Park.  We are meeting at 10:30 am on Sunday October 6th.  This will take place during the regular time that Phil facilitates a youth Bible study.  I encourage you to participate in these opportunities as a way of building yourself up, strengthening your personal faith journey and sharing in a time of encouragement and support.  If you’re not quite sure what’s involved or have questions before making a choice, just call Beth or Pastor John in the church office – we’ll be glad to give you more information! Pastor John