Happy New Year!!!

How is the new year going so far?  Did you make some life altering resolutions?  Are you keeping them?  Do you have different goals for 2020 than you did for 2019?  Did you have success last year? 

A new year gives us the opportunity to look at a blank slate and envision how it might be filled.  So we dream and plan and act to fill the year.  Some of this is conscious action on our part, but so much of our life is filled with items and events beyond our control.  Let’s consider choices and decisions we can make and influence. 

A new year is not only about what will come about in the future, ideally it is a time to reflect on the past and the choices that brought us to this point.  If you were not successful in making changes last year, what will make this year’s efforts effective?  Making changes within our lives that are beneficial and permanent require some of the hardest work and strength. 

Some people do not make big changes or resolutions, but instead look for areas in their lives that require attention. 

Recently, there have been volumes of material describing a good life in relation to “wellness” and “happiness”.  Those who are well and happy have a certain joy to life that impacts their mental and physical health. 

Many of these wellness practices are centered around eating healthy food, getting adequate movement or exercise, staying socially connected and being mindful in actions and attitudes.  I won’t muddy the already murky waters concerning diet and exercise except to encourage – Eat something good in as natural a state as possible and move your body as you are able.

The Church is built on social connection.  We are a community of faith.  Come to worship to sit and sing together.  Join or lead a study group.  Help out in a ministry.  Volunteer to make a difference.  Meet someone new and get to know them.  Pray for one another.  Support those who are feeling low.  Be buoyed by others when the strength just isn’t there.  Be together.

Ultimately, we are not only connected to one another, but to God.  Through intentional times of worship and devotion and prayer, we call upon God’ s power and presence.  If you are still in need of a resolution, I would encourage you to daily set aside a few minutes or longer to connect with God, to breath the Spirit, to seek quiet and guidance in your life and then be present within our community of faith as we join together in worship each weekend. 

Pastor John