I was recently part of a conversation that discussed inadequacies. You know the feeling of not being good enough or whatever you do not being appreciated or seen as adequate. This can be with supervisors and colleagues at work or at home with family. It may be caused by limited resources leading us to take shortcuts or a “that’s good enough attitude”. Laziness can also take us there.

The pandemic has exacerbated this trend and these feelings for many. It shines a light on what we think we know and on the fears that we carry. Living through this pandemic is challenging on a good day and paralyzing on a bad one. Many are afraid of contracting the virus and how it may affect their bodies and health. There is unease for those who are physically at risk. The economy and those out of work also garner our concern. We are making our way through a murky environment trying to watch our steps and also go forward.

There is an anxiety that no matter what precautions a person takes, they may contract the virus. Whatever we do, it may not be enough. you should do what you should – have good hygiene, keep your distances, eat healthfully, get your sleep, move your body. But also recognize the anxiety or fear that is present. Don’t be controlled by it, but recognize it and use it.

As Lutheran Christians, this sense of not being good enough or feeling adequate is one we are familiar with. We are reminded constantly through Scripture that we are broken and sinful. Left to ourselves, we can never overcome this nature. But God through Jesus Christ makes us more than adequate, more than good enough. We are made the children of God, in spite of our inadequacies.

A few years ago, Peder Eide released a song entitled “As Is”. The song lists a number of Scripture’s heroes and their imperfections. These include Paul, Timothy, Moses, Jonah and many others. God finds a way to use imperfect and even anxious people during imperfect and anxious times. Live out your faith right now. There will never be a better time.

Be kind and understanding to one another. Stay safe and healthy. Pray. Talk to a loved one or friend. Be strong in and through God and those around you.

Pastor John