Sunday School & Adult Study at Grace Lutheran Church
Adult Study is held on Sunday mornings.  These studies vary between books of the Bible and topical studies.  Additionally, there is a Wednesday morning Bible study held at 9 AM.
Sunday School is held on Sunday mornings, September through May from 10 AM – 11:15 AM.   We welcome ALL children age 3 through 6th grade to be part of our Sunday School program!
Grace Lutheran VBS Supply List:  You may support our VBS program by donating any of the following items. Thank you for your generosity! Come to VBS!
(5lb Bag) Playground Sand
(4) 5lb bags of quick set cement
(5) 5 gallon buckets
(10) yard sticks (will not be returned)
(2 boxes) Gallon Size Resealable Baggies
(2 boxes) Quart Size Resealable Baggies
(3) Large Plastic Bowls
(3) Large Plastic Mixing Spoons
(100) 3 oz. Paper Cups
(4) Yellow Plastic Tablecloths
(2) Brown Plastic Tablecloths
(2) Gallon of Green Paint (any shades)
(1) Pint of Red Paint
Paint Brushes
(2) Fly Swatters
(2) Colored Duct Tape
Pharaoh Costume – Size XL
(2 rolls) Clear Packing Tape (w/ dispenser)
(2) round wading pools
(2 pkgs.) Wet Wipes
Brown Craft Paper
Brown Butcher Paper
(3 rolls) Gold Wrapping Paper
(2 pkgs.) Metallic Permanent Markers
(2 pkgs.) Fine tip Permanent Markers
(2 pkgs.) Post It Notes
(5) Blankets 
(5) Large Baskets
(2) Brooms or Brooksticks
9 ft rope
(1 roll) Masking Tape
(5) Hula Hoop
(2 pkgs) Straw (non bendy kind)
Case of Water
(4) White rope lights
Bag of small smooth stones
(2) Large Buckets (ice cream pail size)
(1 pkg) Paper Bags
(2 pkg) Mailing Labels (2×4, name tag size)
(3) Plastic Sand Shovels
(3) Plastic Sand Buckets
(3) LARGE Sunglasses
(3) Handheld fans
Box of Corn Flakes (gluten free if possible)
(3) Swim Goggles
Marshmallow Peeps
(3) Plastic Swords
Marshmallow Peeps
(10) Ping Pong Balls
(6) Shallow Roasting Pans
(3) Deck of Cards
Rubber Bands (any size)
(10) Pool Noodles
(2) Spray bottles
(4) Beach Balls
(4) Orange Cones
Playground ball
(2) Large bags of River Rocks
(6) Sponges