Giving GRACE
REGULAR WEEKLY OFFERINGS Your offerings may be set-up to be sent directly from your bank, through the church office using an automatic withdrawal program, or by mailing in your donations. Especially during this time when we are unable to meet, we encourage you to continue to support the work of the Church with your regular offerings. Your gifts may be sent to:  Grace Lutheran Church, 1025 – 15th Avenue, Monroe, WI 53566. Although we are not gathering in the building together, the Church continues to Be, for WE are the Church. Be safe, be smart and share the Light of Christ in the world where you are able. God’s Blessings!
Memorials:  Contributions given directly to the church or via the family.  Acknowledgment cards are sent from the church to the family and/or donor. Commemorative Gifts:  Monetary gifts to commemorate special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, and wedding anniversaries. Endowment Fund:  To establish a fund where only the interest is used. Grace Lutheran Church Scholarship Fund:  Originally established in memory of Gary Baumgartner and Carrie Pinnow, provides for students attending Lutheran colleges or seminaries.  This fund is open to anyone to contribute to as a memorial or gift to encourage someone to attend college. Bequests:  Carefully planned gifts designed to be received by the church following the donor’s death.  The church hopes each individual will consider making a Christian will and tithe a percentage of his or her estate to the church. Permanent Life Insurance Bequests:  This type of gift should be seen by the giver as a second form of giving to the work of the Church, not as a sole form of a stewardship of finances.  The congregation of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church of Monroe will be named as OWNER (of said policy) and beneficiary.    For more information contact the church office: (608) 325-9172