The month of April and Spring are almost upon us.  Many businesses and corporations give quarterly reports on their activities and updates on their objectives.  Stock markets may fluctuate during this time because these snap shots of the recent past and the present show trends for the future. 
Some of the gauges for measuring the health of a business or corporation do not transfer to the model of the Church.  But it may be interesting to see how Grace is ministering to the community and what has transpired since the beginning of 2019.
In the first quarter, Grace Lutheran has remained active with its regular mission work.  We worship every weekend.  Sunday School, confirmation and Bible studies meet regularly.  The choir and hand chimes rehearse.  Quilters, committee and council members keep busy. 
Some less “routine” things that have occurred since January include the hosting of Family Promise guests and the Annual Meeting.  We hired Abbea Schlichting as the Financial Secretary.  The youth group has met monthly for discussions and activities.  They also assembled together sandwiches and soup for Super Bowl weekend.  We are in the midst of the Lenten season with mid-week suppers and worship.  A group is exploring options for placing video monitors in the sanctuary.  On the last day of the first quarter, we celebrate with Beth Faith as she will be commissioned a Deacon for Word and Service. 
Looking forward, in a few weeks we will celebrate Easter.  The Day of Resurrection is the day that changed all of the future.  Fear, foreboding and hopelessness were changed in an instant when Jesus left that tomb.  God is victorious, even over death. This is a promise that has been given and we cling to this hope.
In everything we do, whether it is common and mundane or special and extraordinary, may we always reflect this Good News.  We have been active in reflecting God’s holy presence, not only for three months, but for over a century.  May we continue to be so blessed.

Pastor John